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What Is an Embodiment in Legal Terms

Incarnation. This construction and process is at the heart of ecosocial theory and epidemiological research. Recognizing that as human beings we are both social beings and biological organisms, the notion of „incarnation“ makes three essential assertions: (1) bodies tell stories about the conditions of our existence and cannot be studied separately from them; (2) Bodies tell stories that are often—but not always—consistent with people`s stated narratives; and (3) bodies tell stories that humans cannot or will not tell, either because they are unable, forbidden, or choose not told. Just as proverbial „dead bones“ actually tell stories about forensics and historical anthropometry, our living bodies tell stories about our lives, whether consciously expressed or not. This glossary describes some key concepts, definitions and assumptions relevant to the use of the concept of „embodiment“ in epidemiological research to promote not only rigorous science, but also social justice in health care. The chapter uses the embodiment and experiential basis of conceptual metaphor theory, particularly the work of Lakoff and Johnson regarding its relationship to spatialization, to argue for the metaphorical nature of abstract legal thought. Abstract concepts such as „law“ and „justice“ must borrow from a spatial, physical or physical prototype to be conceptualized, which is seen, for example, in the fact that justice is preferably „under“ the law. Three embodied categories of legal understanding are examined in this chapter: law as an object, law as a vertical relationship, and law as a domain. The Google Ngram Viewer, which is based on Google`s extensive library of digitized books, was used to examine legally relevant terms over time in each of these three categories from 1800 to 2000. The embodiment is part of the language used in patent applications. Each patent application has a section titled DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENT.

Often, the patent owner describes part of his invention as an embodiment. For example, a patented embodiment may describe how a headlight was manufactured or how the ejection seat of a fighter jet works based on the patent application. In fact, not taking incarnation seriously may result in an inadvertent increase and mortality in epidemiological research, not a decrease. Alvogen Pine Brook LLC, a point of contention, clearly illustrates the importance of carefully listing multiple embodiments. Here`s what happened: If you`re considering protecting your patents in multiple countries, the last place you want to be is a dispute before a foreign agency that needs to read between you. Working with a language service provider that can anticipate potential local ambiguities can ultimately make a big difference. If you know each region`s IP system, are fluent in the local language, and understand the cultural lens through which your submission details can be accessed every day, the right language service provider can help ensure that your IP protection is rock solid and undeniable.

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