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What Age Can You Legally Get Married in Arkansas

No blood or medical tests required to get married in Arkansas. If you`re an Arkansas couple and want to tie up (legally), you`ll need a marriage certificate. While this is one of the least glamorous parts of marriage, it`s a crucial step in making sure your wedding is solidified. Below are what you need to know and what documents you need to bring with you before applying for a marriage license in Arkansas. We recommend that you eliminate this legal aspect of your marriage about one month before your wedding date. (a) A declaration of intention to enter into a marriage by marriage must include: (1) A recitation signed by both parties with the following effect: „A FEDERAL MARRIAGE We solemnly declare that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman who agree to live together as husband and wife as long as they can both live. We have carefully chosen and revealed to each other anything that could interfere with the decision to enter into this marriage. We received authoritative advice on the nature, purpose and responsibilities of marriage. We have read the Covenant Marriage Act of 2001 and understand that a federal marriage lasts a lifetime.

When we have marital problems, we commit to making every reasonable effort to preserve our marriage, including marriage counseling. (B) If either (1) of the parties is a minor or both are minors, the written consent or power of attorney of the persons required under this Chapter to consent to or authorize the marriage of minors. (b) The Declaration consists of two (2) separate documents: (1) The recitation referred to in subsection (a)(1) of this section; and (2) the affidavit containing or accompanying the certificate included in the document. (c) The recitation, affidavit and certificate must be filed in accordance with ¢¢¢9-11-803(b). Now that you and your future spouse have made sure you meet the legal requirements to get married, it`s time to get ready to go to your county clerk`s office to apply for your license. Overall, the process won`t take too long and you`ll be ready to legally say your „yes“ in no time. Once you get your license, you`ll also need to find someone responsible for the ceremony, who can be a justice of the peace or an ordained minister with state-recognized ministerial identification cards under Arkansas state law. After you get married, you must return the marriage certificate yourself to your county clerk`s office, while in some states your official must do so. If you want to change your name to Arkansas, you`ll need to take additional steps with your local county clerk`s office, but most of the same legal requirements apply. Ultimately, you want your wedding venue to reflect your interests and those of your future spouse, so make sure you know what your must-haves and break-ups are when it comes to finding your perfect location. There are a plethora of options in this beautiful state, and whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, you are sure to find something to suit your needs, as there really is something for everyone in this state.

(a) A married couple may, upon presentation of a copy of their marriage certificate, which is not required to be certified, make a declaration of intent to designate their marriage as a federal marriage subject to this Subchapter. (b) This declaration of intent, in the form and content of paragraph (c) of this article, shall be submitted to the official issuing the marriage certificate in the district where the couple resides. (c) (1) A declaration of intent to rename a marriage to a federal marriage shall include: (A) a recitation of the parties in accordance with article 9-11-804; (B) an affidavit of the parties pursuant to section 9-11-805 that they have discussed their intention to designate their marriage as a federal marriage with a registered counsellor, which included a discussion of the duty to counsel marriage in the event of marital difficulties and the exclusive grounds for the legal dissolution of a federal marriage by divorce; (C) a certificate, signed by the Counsel and attached to the affidavit of the parties, attesting that the Counsellor has provided the parties with the information booklet prepared and distributed by the Bureau of the Tribunals under this subchapter containing a complete explanation of the terms of a federal marriage; and (D) the notarized signatures of both parties. (2) (A) The statement must contain two (2) separate documents: (i) the recitation; and (ii) the affidavit containing or accompanying the certificate included in the document. (B) The recitation, affidavit and certificate shall be submitted in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section. (a) All marriages between persons entitled to marry and contracted before March 31, 1885, by a justice of the peace or any other person legally authorized to solemnize the rites of marriage in a district of another district of that State and persons who subsequently lived together as husband and wife shall be declared legal and their children legitimate. (b) All marriages contracted before the age of 31. March 1885 by a justice of the peace or any other person legally authorized to perform the marriage rites of one district in another district have been concluded in this manner, are legalized and considered binding between married persons in all respects, as if the rites of marriage were performed by a justice of the peace of the county in which the marriage was contracted, would have been solemnly executed.

PROOF OF RESIDENCY: No such proof is required in Arkansas. You don`t have to be an Arkansas resident to get married here. A marriage certificate obtained in Arkansas can be used to get married anywhere in Arkansas, but remember that it must be returned to the same office where it was issued. (See „Validity of the marriage certificate“ above.) (a) The acts and acts of all persons acting for and on behalf of a district clerk in that State to issue marriage certificates before the age of 26. January 1945, whether or not the person was duly and legally appointed Assistant to the District Clerk, is declared lawful and valid as if the licences had been issued personally by the District Clerk. (b) All marriages contracted in this State before January 26, 1945, on the basis of a marriage certificate issued by a person other than the District Clerk of the district in which the license was issued or by the legally appointed Deputy District Clerk shall be validated. All marriages are as binding and effective as if the licenses had been issued personally by the county clerk. There is no waiting time in Arkansas, and you will receive your license the same day you apply (provided, of course, that you have met all legal requirements!) Note that once you receive your license, you must get married within 60 days of receiving it, otherwise the license will expire. Eligible couples who wish to marry in Arkansas must present themselves in person at their local county official`s office with valid identification (driver`s license, government-issued ID, passport, military card, Indian card, or original birth certificate). The cost of a marriage certificate is $60.00 (cash or credit accepted). In addition, couples can apply for a marriage license, in which the couple agrees to receive premarital counseling and limited grounds for future divorce. (a) The purpose of this section is to validate all marriages born in accordance with the Supreme Court`s decision in Standridge v.

Standridge, 298 Ark. 494, 769 S.W.2d 12 (1989), whether they occurred before or after November 14, 1989. (b) (1) All marriages which were annulled or annulled subsequently because the parties had contracted an otherwise valid marriage after the issuance of a valid divorce decree of one of the parties, but before the registration of the judgment, shall be validated for all purposes. 2. All children born of a marriage declared invalid under this section shall be considered the legitimate children of both parents for all purposes. (3) All property rights, including but not limited to transfers, inheritances, legal succession, dowry, courtesy and all rights and obligations between the parties themselves or third parties, are declared as rights and obligations of legally married persons. (c) This section shall apply to all marriages contracted before and after 14 November 1989. Now that we talk about what young people in Arkansas are like when they get married, we can talk about how young you can be to get married. Legal requirements and documents required for remarriage In fact, the Arkansans continued to marry young like our grandparents, but embraced the simple exit from modern culture: divorce.

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