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MUMBAI: If you are a Vodafone employee, using a mobile phone while driving will receive a formal reprimand from your employer beyond the ticket. Any other violation of a list of seven absolute rules created by Vodafone and you could lose your job. In the latest count, three Vodafone employees were fired for drunk driving and 27 were reprimanded for such breaches of the „seven absolute safety rules“. Apart from that, 37 employees were banned from Vodafone suppliers and more than 60 were notified. Most of these violations involve subordinates. The seven rules concern road and electrical safety as well as the precautions to be taken when working in high-rise buildings. „It`s now an integral part of our culture. We like to part ways with colleagues who just don`t understand! “ says Ashok Ramchandran, Director of Human Resources at Vodafone India, who leads the programme. „I`d rather have a living ex-colleague than a dead electricity colleague.“ This is part of the International Safety Assessment System (SSRI), which Vodafone is implementing across India as part of broader global compliance. In European countries, for example, state enforcement is sufficient. But in India, the company conducts ad hoc citizen policing among staff. Even the most senior employee is observed by designated employees, a Vodafone middle manager said. „Once, a guard observed a high-ranking employee walking away without a seat belt and reported her,“ said one employee, who asked not to be identified.

This code applies not only to employees during office hours, but also to their private lives. To ensure that everyone who works with or for us understands the importance of safety rules, we monitor and report on our safety performance. We want our own teams, suppliers, stakeholders and others in our industry to learn from the performance data we share. Employees who fail to do so may be subject to disciplinary action that may result in dismissal. Our absolute focus on compliance and the consequences of breaches is widely recognised in our areas of business: 93% of employees who participated in our 2018 Global People Survey said they believed absolute rules were taken seriously at Vodafone. Always use appropriate personal protective equipment, seat belts and fall protection when working at heights Vodafone employees and contractors, as well as our suppliers` employees and contractors, must: Our Health, Safety and Welfare (HS&W) team oversees the management of health and safety at Vodafone. The team reports directly to the Group Human Resources Director, a member of the Executive Committee, and directly to the Group CEO. „Tone from above“ is a decisive factor in how an organization integrates safety into its behavior at work. We expect our leaders to show personal leadership in this area, and a focus on safety is a prerequisite for a leadership role at Vodafone. Never use a pocket phone while driving and only make calls while holding or using hands-free kits, if it is safe to do so Never exceed speed limits or drive at speeds that are dangerous for the type of vehicle or conditions Our Code of Conduct emphasizes the need to fully comply with systems and processes designed to: May everyone who works for us be safe at all times.

Every Vodafone employee or contractor and every employee and subcontractor of a supplier: Safety is part of all our leadership programmes and we run workshops for managers and executives to reinforce leadership behaviour that supports a strong health and safety culture. All of our CEOs, supply chain managers, chief technology officers, human resources directors and other executives work to achieve HS&W`s annual goals. The Group`s HS&W team provides expert support to security leaders in our local market operations. They collaborate in a mutual support network, share best practices and knowledge, and work closely with other technology and procurement functions of the Group. Never perform electrical work on electrical equipment, circuits, and appliances unless they are qualified. Elon Musk`s other dream sees no light at the end of the long tunnel Supply chain leaders and managers in local markets are required to hold at least four management security „visits“ each year to reinforce the message that safety really matters. This year, our leaders have completed more than 900 of these tours. We record details of their discussions on security issues and performance for later analysis by local and enterprise security teams. Our Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy is based on the Code of Conduct and sets out our commitment to building a strong and sustainable culture of health, safety and well-being. This policy is accompanied by detailed standards that define the specific measures that must be taken to manage our greatest risks. Vodafone`s absolute safety rules focus on the risks that pose the greatest potential for harm to anyone working for or on behalf of Vodafone. The absolute rules are clear and underpinned by a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe behaviour in all our businesses.

Never do road or underground work unless authorized Our Global Code of Conduct training, completed by 90% of active employees, includes a mandatory e-learning safety module designed to ensure employees know how to protect themselves and others at work.

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